Time to hug and avoid hugs…” There was a time when fear hugged us by the shoulders of children, and possessed the ability to calmly enter our reality and take an honorable place in our
attitude …Recalling King’s novel “IT”, thanks to the current train of all possible media incarnations of Pennywise (for example, computer games that my children play), I suddenly found in myself the remnants of an atavistic painful fear associated with the time of my life in the 90s, when among us — schoolchildren, the first film adaptation of this work was still popular.

In my workabout fear in general and the fight against it, I combined a part of my personal topographic reality — an ordinary sports field and some abstract materialization of the famous clown.

Really!? Why don’t we talk about fighting our own fears and powerlessness? Perhaps now the time has come when it is worth “avoiding the embrace”, saying no, fighting back, finding the strength!

Adding to that, it is interesting to ponder the two cross-linked quotes below: King “I began to remember Stratford, Connecticut, where I lived as a child. There is a library in the city, in which a short corridor connected the adult and children’s sections. I decided that he, too, is a bridge that every kid-goat crosses to become an adult” and Nietzsche: “Man is a rope stretched between an animal and a superman — a rope over an abyss. It is dangerous to pass, it is dangerous to be on the way, the gaze turned back is dangerous, fear and stopping are dangerous. What is important in a person is that he is a bridge, not a goal…”.

Everything has its time…

This project has not been implemented, below are photos of works, A4 format. In the future, the project can be implemented in different sizes using banner printing  and expressive painting.