MUSEUM of MEMORIAL. Russian artist Kolya Sadovnick

Museum of Memorials — a space for storing sculptures, painting,  prints, sketches, graphic images of obelisks of representatives of the organic world, brought to the techno sacrifice, as well as a place where options for mixing biological forms with any technological forms, organic design for various industries are located. 

Prints “Sea Cat Thorium-232”, 6 stages

Prints “Ascension in the Mine”, 9 Stages  

Prints and stripes for technical workwear “Offering. Object 3. Sea Lion “, variations  

Prints “Reservoir”, variations-deformations-new forms

Offering. Object 1 and 2”  2020, canvas, mixed media, 200×135 every part

Prints “Ascension in the Mine 2”, 8 Stages  

Body A” and “Body B” prints, options for transforming living forms  

Prints “Offering. Object 1”, variants of transformation of living forms  

Prints “Tsunami-Machine”, variations  

”… we have observed tsunami machines, causing waves, shafts of mental bathing. A pink substance that gives immeasurable acceleration to their blades…”

”… perhaps the impact of tsunami machines leads to the filling of the shores with large marine mammals…”

Prints “Tsunami-Machine 2”, variations    

Prints “Offering. Object 1 “, variations-deformations-new forms

Prints “On ‘the Ambarnaya’ river”, variations 

Prints “Crab-Tellur-52”, variations.